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In construction, there is no one-size-fits-all scenario. Each project is unique and requires a custom approach. We are able to accommodate our clients and help evaluate their needs and customize the right delivery method for their unique project. We successfully deliver projects in the industrial, commercial, institutional, retail, and multi-unit residential markets using the following delivery methods:

About Quality

Construction Management

Van Horne Construction Ltd. adds value to projects through assisting in timely decision making, resource allocation, and taking responsibility for the project from onset through completion. Van Horne adds value to projects by implementing time-saving strategies, cost reduction methods, and identifying and mitigating risks to stakeholders. Initial cost estimates and construction schedules are developed for the client in order to provide a clear path for all parties involved in the delivery process. While in the design development stage, we provide value-added strategies related to construction materials and design and logistics. We continuously update the construction schedule to reflect project progress and the effects of our value-added strategies. Our process allows us to start construction before the final design is completed. The Van Horne approach to construction management fulfills three fundamental key objectives: budget, quality, and scheduling. Our Professional Construction Managers work closely with the project partners as a team. Van Horne’s Construction Managers are experienced, pro-active, detail-oriented, qualified, and skilled communicators that lead a project team to successful completion.

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Design & Build

Van Horne adds value to Design-Build projects by assembling a top-notch partnership of Architects and consultants to deliver a successful project to the owner. Design-Build is a delivery method that provides owners the ability to manage the entire design and construction stages under one roof. Our specialized team addresses the design, construction, budget, and scheduling requirements within the parameters set by the owner. Van Horne has fostered excellent relationships with prominent design architects/consultants, and engineers. We have the unique capacity to assemble the appropriate team to produce superior outcomes for our clients.

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